Things you can do while staying at home

Things you can do while staying at home

Staying at home causes boredom, but this time can be used to do a lot with things with the participation of all family members.

Things you can do while staying at home
Although sitting at home due to an outbreak of the new Coronavirus is not good,

it can be considered an opportunity to do many things at home, which are difficult to do during normal days due to busy work and the stresses of life.

Here are the most important things you can do during your stay at home to prevent emerging coronavirus.

Things that all family members can do
Here is a set of things that all family members can do:

1- Knowing more information about the emerging coronavirus

It is a good opportunity to know the correct information about the emerging coronavirus and to follow events,

thus verifying the facts on your own without resorting to unreliable sources.

You can follow the latest news of the emerging coronavirus through the main media in your country,

as well as access to reliable medical sources online.

2- The family shares some tasks and activities

In normal days, it is difficult to set aside time to sit with family members and exchange conversation or participate in various tasks and activities.

Hence, this opportunity can be used to restore the close relationship in the family and spend quality time with them.

3- Learn some skills

Why not learn some new skills that you haven’t had a chance to learn before! For example, it is possible to learn the skill of photographing, drawing, or playing a musical instrument.

This helps reduce the feeling of boredom during the period of staying at home and thus reduce the psychological pressure that accompanies this period.

4- Doing sports

Staying at home for a long time causes excess weight, especially in the case of eating unhealthy foods. Therefore, it is advised to do simple exercises at home daily.

A healthy diet should be adhered to to enhance the body’s immunity and reduce the chances of developing various diseases.

Woman Exercising  while staying at home

It is recommended to practice yoga exercises that help you feel the relaxation and psychological calm that you need during this stage.

Things the mother can do
The mother can do some things during this period, namely:

1- Personal Care

Sitting at home gives the mother an opportunity to take personal care, by following a daily routine of skin and hair.

The mother can set aside time for her to meditate or read away from any responsibilities.

2- Rearranging some items

Every now and then the different things in the house need to be rearranged, and this also helps to feel the change at home.

Women can organize the different purposes and rearrange the cutting of the foundation,

this helps to feel renewed and reflects on the psychological state in the affirmative.

This can be an activity for the whole family as tasks are distributed to everyone.

3- Daily house cleaning

It is advised not to neglect the daily cleaning of the house during the 14-day period,

in order to make sure it is well cleaned and to prevent infection from any diseases caused by viruses and germs.

The mother can make a cleaning plan, and this plan includes the various places in the home,

especially the surfaces on which viruses live, as these tasks are distributed to different family members.

Things the child can do
It can also help the child to do some things during the period of staying at home, namely:

1- Distance learning

The fact that a child stays at home and does not go to school does not mean that he stops learning,

but rather that he must complete his studies, especially since many countries have provided distance education for children during this period.

And it can be set a schedule for the education of the child to include the various subjects that must be studied,

with the allocation of times to play so that the child does not feel bored with studying.

2- Learn some skills

Each child has talents that distinguish him, and during this period the mother can discover some of the child’s talents and help in strengthening and helping them to learn new skills.

For example, a child can be helped to learn to play a musical instrument if he is willing to do so or to learn drawing and arts of various kinds according to his preferences.

3- Providing a set of activities for the child

Parents should prepare some of the activities that help to enhance the child’s mental abilities, combining play and learning.

It is preferable for the child to participate in the preparation of these activities, and submit his proposals,

as this supports his personality and increases his confidence in himself.

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