The therapeutic potential of chicken soup is not a legend, science confirms!

The therapeutic potential of chicken soup is not a legend, science confirms!

Were you questioning your grandmother’s words about the magic recipe capabilities of the chicken soup that was made for your cold and disease treatment?

Science proves that your grandmother was right.

The therapeutic potential of chicken soup is not a legend, science confirms!
Recent studies have shown that hot chicken soup may be your best remedy for colds in the winter.

The study found that it can ease the symptoms of colds that affect the respiratory system and appear clear to a person,

because of these anti-inflammatory properties of this soup.

The researchers responsible for the study at the University of Nebraska in the United States of America put three different recipes for chicken soup under study.

The recipes of the chicken soup that were studied contained the following components:

pieces of chicken, onion, sweet potato, carrot, white turnip, celery, parsley, salt, and spices.

The researchers monitored the effect of chicken soup

on the speed of movement of a certain type of white blood cell, the body usually produces to fight infection,

to test whether the movement of this type of cell increases or decreases with eating it

especially since researchers believe that the speed of movement of these cells

It is the factor responsible for the appearance of cold symptoms.

Indeed, the researchers found that it slows the pace and speed of movement of the said type of white blood cells,

which reduces the symptoms of the disease appearing in the upper half of the respiratory system.

Chicken soup

The researchers also suggested that there is another important factor,

as eating chicken soup has the effect of placebo or a counterfeit pill, just eating it may heal the person with a cold quickly!

Not to mention that the body needs to replace the fluids it loses during illness,

An old study over 40 years old showed that the smell of soup and spices used in its preparation helps greatly to relieve sore throats and airways and soften mucus,

which usually accompanies the common cold or cold.

The recipe for chicken soup in the face of colds has been mentioned historically in many texts

for ancient philosophers and healers, and to this day it was believed that its benefits are nothing more than rumors,

which recent studies have begun to deny, to confirm already the health benefits of chicken soup.

Scientists are still confused about the reason for the positive effect of it in the treatment of colds,

but they think it is an ideal mix between a group of ingredients still understudy!

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