Nail strengthening: the most important tips and advice

Nail strengthening: the most important tips and advice

Who among us does not dream of beautiful and strong nails? The nail may pass through a stage where the nail becomes weak for a temporary reason, but do not worry, here are the most important ways to strengthen the nails.

Nail strengthening: the most important tips and advice
Nails generally reflect the health of the body, so any weakness in them may mean a health problem, or it may simply mean bad habits that must be changed. How can you strengthen nails? What are the reasons for its weak foundation?

Ways to strengthen nails
There are many things you can start with today to get strong nails, and here is a list of the most important:

1- Your food is the secret

Nails need many nutrients to stay strong and beautiful, especially various minerals and vitamins.

So make sure your diet contains adequate amounts of these substances: calcium, proteins, vitamin D, folic acid, and omega-3.

These are the most important foods that are recommended for strengthening nails: eggs, avocado, red meat, fish, various grains, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, raw nuts.

2- Take nutritional supplements

If your daily schedule is crowded and it is difficult for you to eat healthy meals throughout the day then, you can make up for some of your shortages by taking appropriate nutritional supplements.

It is noteworthy to mention here that biotin is one of the great vitamins for the body and beauty, as it works to strengthen teeth, nails, and hair, so be sure to get it daily in appropriate doses in one of the following ways:

Take a biotin supplement.
Obtaining it from its natural sources, such as salmon, eggs, and legumes.

3- Water … is a double-edged sword for nails

Water can be beneficial to nails and may be harmful at the same time! What we mean here is simply the following:

Useful water: This is drinking water, so drink daily enough water in abundant quantities.
Harmful water: This is shower water or dishwashing, as prolonged exposure to hot water during shower or dishwashing may cause marked weakness in the nails, so care should be taken to always wear gloves when washing dishes.

4- A break from nail polish

Nails need rest periods between the appointments of the manicure specialist that you go to visit from time to time. Whether it is normal nail polish or gel nail polish, you are causing your fingernails to weaken without feeling.

The nail polish has many damages that are still being researched, including causing cancer. So, to strengthen your nails and maintain your health, avoid nail polish, build nails, and gel the gel as much as possible.

5- Adopting these habits

There are a set of daily care habits that help with time to strengthen the nails, and here are the most important:

It is best to trim the nails and keep them a little short, to reduce the chances of the nail getting cracked or broken.

As, alcoholic hand sanitizers should not be overused, as the alcohol in them may over time dry and break the nails.
There are many medicinal creams and ointments specially designed to moisturize the skin around the nail and strengthen the nails, buy what suits you best and use it regularly.
When using different cleaning agents, it is always best to wear gloves to protect hands and protect nails from any potential problems and damages.

It is always a good idea to cool the tips of the nails to make them more curved and smooth, as sharp corners of the nail can make them break faster! One of the advice is to avoid using nail polish removers as much as possible (acetone), as using them more often may cause the nail to peel off and weaken.

It is more than recommended to avoid the following completely: smoking, alcohol and white sugar, Causes of weak nails

There are many things that may cause nail weakness, and here are the most important:

1- Certain medications

Some medications can cause a marked weakness in the nails, so if you feel that your nails suddenly become broken quickly and become suddenly fragile, pay attention to any new medicine that you may have started using especially diuretics, these medications are particularly harmful to the nails.

2- Wrong plastic procedures

There are things that may harm your nails without being aware of that, especially removing the developing skin around the nail, as this skin is supposed to protect the nail, so removing it may weaken the nails and cause them to break!

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Also, a two-way cold for nails can be very harmful, and it may cause cracking, so when you cool your nails, always cool them in one direction only.

3- Nail biting

If you are addicted to biting your nails you should stop immediately, because this habit has many downsides to your nails and your life.

So if you want to strengthen your nails, you should stop this habit starting today!

4- Using false nails

Nails are inherently thin, and they are designed to protect the layer of skin underneath and help you do a host of simple tasks, nothing more, so they are never suitable for carrying heavy weights and opening cans, hence the caution!

5- Removing the nail polish manually

The fact that acetone is harmful to nails does not mean that peeling nail polish with other fingers is a better choice! Both hurt nails, and it is best to avoid them.

6- Hair sprays and lotions

Although this may seem strange, the use of hands to rub various products and distribute them to hair may cause the nails to weaken over time, especially if these substances are harmful and contain many toxic chemicals.

When should you see a doctor?
You should immediately consult a doctor in the following cases:

If the nails continue to break even though you have done all of the above, this may mean a more serious cause of weakened nails, such as thyroid problems, anemia, psoriasis, Raynaud’s syndrome, change in nail shape

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