Health risks of frying oil and alternative solutions

Health risks of frying oil and alternative solutions

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Frying oil can cause many health damages because it contains high levels of unhealthy fats, so it is advised to avoid fries.

Health risks of frying oil and alternative solutions

Frying oil is one of the food products that no woman can do without to make many delicious dishes,

but before using frying oil, its risks must be recognized and how these risks can be reduced through the use of alternative solutions.

Dangers of using frying oil

Here are a group of risks that can affect a person as a result of using frying oil:

1- Increasing the chances of heart disease

The making of frying oil is mainly based on unhealthy fats, which cause high levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood and also increases the risk of arterial blockage and cardiovascular disease.

Also, the quality of the oil can contribute to increasing the chances of infection with these diseases,

as there are types of frying oil that are not good and have not been filtered into healthy specifications.

2- Obesity

Excessive use of frying oil increases the possibility of obesity, as fried foods absorb large amounts of oil during frying,

which leads to significant weight gain and accumulation of fat in different areas of the body.

Obesity can lead to many health risks such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes,

as well as cardiovascular diseases, bone, and joint problems.

3- Increasing the risk of developing cancer

Most types of oils contain a large percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids,

and these acids can accelerate the occurrence of cancer,

unlike omega-3 acids that protect the body from cancer, which are available in olive oil.

The frequent use of frying oil leads to the occurrence of the process of oxidation and the release of free radicals,

which is one of the most important causes of cancer.

The use of frying oil also releases chemical acrylamide, which is formed when food is cooked at an elevated temperature, which is a carcinogen.

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4- Damage to the liver and kidneys

Because of the use of herbicides and pesticides in agricultural practices,

it can affect corn oil used for frying, which increases the chances of the liver developing health problems.

Also, frying oil and fried foods generally affect kidney function and impair it,

and can cause kidney failure, which is considered a serious disease.

5- High blood sugar levels

Fryers cause high blood sugar levels, and they also pose a risk to the health of a person with diabetes, since when vegetable oils are exposed to high frying temperature,

they turn from unsaturated oils to saturated oils, in which case they become very harmful to health,

and raise sugar levels in the blood.

Therefore, you should not eat more fried foods, and replace them with healthy options that maintain blood sugar levels.

Alternative solutions for frying oil
To avoid the risks of frying oil, some alternative solutions can be resorted to, including:

The use of olive oil in frying: frying with olive oil is the least harmful type of frying because it contains high levels of antioxidants,

but you must choose a good quality olive oil in order not to cause harm to health when used in frying,

and should not wait until the oil burns.

without using oil: A good way to get fried food without harm is to use the Frying Tool without oil,

where one tablespoon of oil is added to the entire amount of food,

or spray some oil points on the food and then fry it,

in which case the taste varies The food is a little bit but it gets less harmful.
Drying fried foods with paper towels: In the case of using frying oil,

the food should be filtered after frying and then dried with paper towels to reduce the percentage of oils in it before eating it.

Not waiting until the food becomes brown: When frying food, it is preferable not to wait until the food becomes brown,

because this increases the percentage of acrylamide that causes cancer.

Eating fried food at home: If you want to eat fried food, it is best to fry at home and avoid fried food from restaurants,

where the oil is used frequently and with a very high temperature, which causes many risks to health.

In general, it is advised to reduce the intake of fried foods that cause serious health problems.

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