8 Haircare myths you should stop believing!

8 Haircare myths you should stop believing!

Before taking care of hair, you must make sure that you take the right steps to take care of it and avoid superstitions that can affect its health,

so we inform you of the most prominent myths of hair care.

Haircare myths should stop being believed
We hear many tips on hair care, some of them are correct, while others are not correct,

so you should make sure of information and advice about hair care before you follow it.

Here are some myths about hair care that you should stop believing from now on.

1- Haircutting a lot to speed up its growth

Cutting the hair ends should be done every three months, which is necessary to get rid of the split ends and maintain the health and vitality of the hair, but it will not accelerate the length of the hair significantly as is common.

As the hair grows by half an inch a month, whether cut or not, its growth may become slow in the summer season, but this is not related to cutting the limbs.

The truth about this matter is that cutting the ends of the hair reduces curls and breakage,

which makes the ends uneven, and therefore cutting it will give it length and density more than usual.

2- The hair must be repeatedly washed to clean it

Hair needs to be washed once to twice a week and not more than that, this is enough to clean it and rid it of dirt and dust.

3- Washing hair with cold water will increase its shine

The water temperature is not related to its appearance, but what distinguishes cold water is that it will not rid the hair of natural oils such as hot water, and lukewarm water can be used in place of cold water.

To get shiny hair, recipes must be done to preserve the vitality and shine of the hair,

and the conditioner can also give it shine.

4- The ammonia-free dye will not harm the hair

Hair dye consists of several harmful chemical compounds, not just ammonia, it is a substance for hair coloring, and it must contain chemicals that perform this function.

This means that any type of dye will cause hair strain,

but choosing an ammonia-free dye will be less harmful to the hair.

5- It requires combing hair a lot daily

Combing hair helps to stimulate the scalp and distribute natural oils in it, but it is not recommended to comb hair excessively as this can cause damage, especially when using bad types of hairbrushes.

It is recommended to use a wooden comb, as it is the ideal tool for combing hair without damage,

and it is preferable to comb the hair twice a day at most.

6- Dry shampoo can be used in place of regular shampoo

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver for the appearance of oily hair at times,

but this does not mean using it in place of regular shampoo,
as it does not clean the hair and rid it of dust and dirt.

Dry shampoo absorbs excess oil from the hair and adds to it some substances that make the hair smell good,

and its role is limited to that, but it does not substitute for regular shampoo.

Cool hair

7- Do not use conditioner for oily hair

All types of hair need conditioner to nourish and maintain its vitality and health, but you must choose the right conditioner for hair,

as there is a conditioner for oily hair that helps moisturize the hair without increasing its fat.

8- Oils make hair greasy

Many women avoid applying different types of oils to the hair to avoid oily appearance, which is true in the case of applying oil to the scalp and not washing it well after making an oil bath.

If you wash it well after applying the oil,

the hair will get the benefits of natural oils without looking greasy.

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